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Welcome to the Monkeyisms Page. You've probably asked yourself many times in the past "What can be tatsy, popular, and zippered all at once?" Well we have the answer. And in the following list, we have provided you with a very short list of descriptions and explanations of "Man's" Best Friend. Alternate examples are separated by slashes.

1} Hot like a burning monkey / a female monkey / a desert-stranded monkey / a flaming monkey

2} Frustrated like a monkey in a monkey-proof box / a monkey with writers' block

3} Frustrating like a Rubik's monkey

4} Low like a monkey in a monkey-proof box in a well of soup / a Dutch monkey

5} Tasty like a roasted monkey / a chocolate covered monkey / a nougat-filled monkey

6} Crunchy like a kentucky fried monkey / a chocolate covered frog monkey

7} Packed like a college-bound monkey

8} Stuffed like a taxidermed monkey / a Thanksgiving monkey

9} Odd like a #3 monkey

10} Red like a Santa monkey / a bloody monkey / a monkey with rinds in

11} Hairy like a monkey

12} Smelly like a monkey / an unbathed monkey

13} Wet like a melted monkey / a sea monkey

14} Small like like Spanish monquito

15} Percolated like a monkaphone

16} Sweet like a wheat monkey / a sugar-coated monkey

17} Big like a giant monkey

18} Forwards like a stogging monkey

19} Safe like a wussy monkey / a brown monkey

20} Expensive like black monkey

21} Wooden like a boat monkey

22} Illogical like a studying monkey

23} White like an albino monkey / a paper towel monkey / a bleached monkey / a ghost monkey

24} Clear like an Eli-headed monkey / a translucent monkey / a glass monkey

25} Around like an oscillating monkey

26} Pink like a shaven monkey

27} Shiny like a waxed monkey / a polished monkey

28} Blue like a sad monkey

29} Tentically like an octomonkey

30} Square like a unhip monkey / boxular monkey

31} Kidnapped like a bone collected monkey

32} Constipated like a monkey

33} Tied up like a busy monkey

34} High like an altitudinous monkey / a stoned monkey

35} Stoned like a s'kila monkey / a Rebecca monkey

36} Fresh like a wood monkey

37} Cold like a monkey on the rocks / an ice monkey / an Arctic monkey / a polar monkey / a heartless monkey