Scene 1: Michael found himself in a sparsely populated forest. He tried to climb the nearest hill but was unable to so he tried to get up by climbing a log, in which he succeeded. Then he climbed back down.

There, he noticed a dead, sixty-foot-long crocodile lying horizontally on the ground with its mouth wide open. Planted near the head of the beast was a nondescript sign. Suddenly, the dead croc came to life, scaring the woman who happened to be gripping a nearby rope for dear life! The woman then fainted and fell but was unharmed. To escape the croc, Michael tried running back up the log but it fell out from under him so he ran up another slope, propelling himself up with vines spanning its height. The vine he had been using snapped so Michael tried the other vine, which was of insufficient length to reach the top but just long enough to swing his body around the croc. He landed safely on the other side and ran around the hill to a dirt trail that led him to the top of the hill.

Scene 2: Michael was standing atop the green, grassless hill where he saw a woman and a shadowy male figure. The croc’s head turned into a human head and said, “Where’s Mommy?” Then it proceeded to stick its head into a hollow stone cube. Then it threw the woman off a cliff, never to be seen again but when it threw Michael off, he landed, unscathen, back in the forest.

Scene 3: Michael was back on the trail he had taken before and this time it led him to a giant house in which he found Uncle Fester and his boyhood friend, Brown. They told Michael what they got and Michael assumed the plan was for Uncle Fester, who was a vampire, to bite the crocodile and thereby transform it into a vampire that would be subservient to him and follow his every telepathic order. However, when asked, Uncle Fester denied all knowledge of such a plot.

So, Michael checked the bathroom, which turned out to be quite lavish in its amenities. Satisfied, our hero continued on to the bedroom, where Uncle Fester was sitting with his back against the headboard of a bed, amidst sports equipment. There were also two unidentified male losers of ambiguous but subtly Indian nationality in the room, one of whom went to stand guard for the giant crocodile. A few seconds later, he returned, reporting that the reptilian behemoth was on its way.

Frightenedly, Michael began climbing out the window and asked if the others were coming to which they promptly responded, "no". Not wanting to run against the proverbial herd, Michael climbed back in the room and Brown said, “I guess we now know how Michael has fun,” and stood triumphantly. Then, the croc, whose entire body had shrunk to fit into the room, threw Brown out the window and pinned uncle Fester to the wall.

Now pinned to the wall, Uncle Fester transformed in outward appearance (and perhaps subficially as well) into Brown. Assessing the scene and sensing danger, Michael fled back outside by way of the ornate portcullis located behind him.

Once outside again, Michael continued running until he found himself in a grassy valley populated only by a boy (probably Brown), a Rabbi and a computer. The computer displayed material offensive to our hero and the boy studied from a book all he while.

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