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N-worb vs. Zen-worb N-worb vs. Zen-worb

A little more than 5,000 years ago God created man. He endowed him with a balance representing the balance of all powers in the universe. Perhaps you've heard of yin and yang or samsara.......this is nothing like them. This will explain the true balance of powers: The ever-raging battle between the N-worb [EN'-wrb] and the Zen-worb [ZN'-wrb].

Every one has an N-worb whether they know it or not. The N-worb is a person's driving force in life. Sometimes the N-worb manifests itself overtly in a person's personality. An N-worb can be a character trait, a hobby, or even an object or person. For example Greg Amsterdam age 58, of Florida, reported his N-worb to be a bee hive. In some exceptional cases, a person's N-worb can even be himself, such as Bjrn Bjernsen, of Scaffolding, Norway. He was a lucky man, but died unexplainedly at the age of 24 years old.

The Zen-worb is what often offsets a person's N-worb, leaving the person to his own devices to engage in a mystical journey in the search for the meaning of his N-worb! For example, if one's N-worb is yachting, his Zen-worb may very well be aquaphobia. And this fear of water is what keeps him in his steady job as a construction worker.

What is the meaning of YOUR N-worb? (And why?)

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